Check credit score: learn how to do it for free

Used to grant credit lines by companies, many Brazilians still do not know how it works and how to consult CPF score.

The CPF credit score, better known as the CPF score, is essential in the most diverse financial actions with your CPF. With the score, you can:

  • monitor which companies consulted your social security number;
  • how are your debts;
  • and if you can get any credit lines with financial and banking institutions.

Because of this, anyone who wants to acquire a loan, refinance or even the purchase of some good, should consult score to seek to improve points and become known as a good payer.


How to consult score for free?

How to consult score for free?

Currently, the calculation of the score is done by bureaus, which are companies that use default and default information from individuals and legal entities for purposes of credit decisions.

Below are the companies that do this online and for free:

1) Good View – SCPC

To check your Boa Vista score, you need to create a Positive Consumer account, where you can also check for overdue debts on your behalf. To do this, just enter some basic data, such as full name, ID, social security number, phone and email. The score is presented simply, without much detail and only the value and origins of the pending, if any.

2) Poud

For this one it is also quite simple. After registration and validation by SMS, you send a photo of some photo ID (RG, CNH or Passport) and a selfie photo holding the document close to the face. After registration is completed, the bureau consults the full score and sends a detailed report of the consumer’s payment history within 7 business days.

3) Perasa

For this consultation, visit the Perasa Consumidor website. The score is dynamic and evaluated at the time of consultation, considering the information that is in the company database, and also shows the score comparing with others of your age, and if it is below or above average.


What would be a good score?

credit score?

If you consulted your score but did not understand the score and the criteria, there are some customer profile and score factors. See below:

Score points range from 0 to 1000 points and are based on some factors, they are:

  • timely bill payments;
  • history of negative debt;
  • financial relationship with companies;
  • updated registration data.

For the score, there are also categories according to the points, they are:

  • up to 300 points: high risk of default;
  • 300 and 700 points: medium risk of default;
  • over 700 points: low risk of default.


My name is clean and unrestricted, why do I have a low score?

credit score

If your name is clean and unrestricted, and when querying score you do not have a good score, some factors may have influenced the negative result. The low score doesn’t necessarily mean that the name is dirty, but that your track record as a consumer is not good. Already having the dirty name, lack of personal data on the basis of the company you calculated, spending more than your fixed income, the places where debts were recorded and many protested titles also lower the score.


How to increase credit score?

credit score

Raising the score is not easy, that’s true, but some habits can boost your score:

  1. Pay all your bills on time;
  2. Keep your data always up to date;
  3. Avoid unnecessary spending

So keep following FinanZero’s posts for more credit score tips and how to get a good payer rating.

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